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txt2tags on Facebook

Eric Forgeot strikes again! He just created a special place for you txt2tags users in Facebook. I’ll quote Eric’s announce:


I’ve made a fan page for txt2tags on facebook.

It’s just to show our interest in the syntax and software, so we could maybe bring more newcomers.

This page is not like a group (a place to exchange pictures and a miniforum), I don’t expect people to post questions or discuss about txt2tags there, it’s just to state we like txt2tags.

I plan to post a few articles thought to show how cool txt2tags is…

Hey, why you’re still here?

Hurry up, login to your Facebook and search for the txt2tags fan page!


Nice article giving an overview of txt2tags

The txt2tags user Huahai wrote a very nice article about txt2tags. In a few words, he/she (sorry!) gave a complete overview of the program, speaking about its advantages among other formats and about using it as a GTD tool.

“Speaking of portability, plain text is without question the king. So, when we need extra features, such as structure, list, table, links and so on, we add them on top of plain text. The question now becomes how much to add? Many formats trade power over simplicity. For example, LaTeX is great, many people I know write papers with LaTeX, myself included. However, LaTeX is too complex for quick text entry. Wiki is great for documentation, but there are just too many different kinds of wiki tags for me to remember. Here, I think txt2tags strikes the right balance between power and simplicity.”


“For quickly jotting down ideas, I have tried mind-mapping tools (freemind, kdissert), outliners (TVO, vimoutliners), and note-takers (basket, knotes). They work to some degree but are all very limited in term of content expandability and portability. I just wish I had found txt2tags earlier.”

Read the full Huahai article: txt2tags: a Lightweight Document Authoring Format

User testimonial: Gazeta de Algol

Roberto Bechtlufft wrote me to tell that he moved all his old site about Phantasy Star (remember Sega’s Master System and Mega Drive?) to a PHP plus txt2tags solution.

“It was my first site and it was a mess. Now I’ve migrated everything to PHP and the all the contents are made with txt2tgs. Gee, now it is snappier, thank you, this program is incredible.”

He has documented the process on the site, telling why txt2tags was a great choice. His text is in Portuguese, but you can read the English version translated by Google, which is good enough (for a machine). ;)

Txt2tags article at Linux Magazine

If the Linux Magazine lands at your country, you’re a lucky guy. Check out the new Issue 80 from July 2007 to find a nice article fully devoted to txt2tags!

Linux Magazine Cover #80

LinuxUser: Workspace: txt2tags – Write once and publish anywhere with this handy document generator.

Note: There isn’t a link for the online version of the article, so I guess only the printed magazine will have it.

The man who made the article is our old time friend Dmitri Popov, who already wrote “Minimalist tools for writers” and created the excellent QuasiWiki (Txt2tags extension for

Thanks again Dmitri!

Quit your text processor

Are you a writer? What about not using a text processor to write your text? Read on, I promise it will make sense :)

There’s a nice article about text-only writing at Three tools are mentioned to substitute the big memory-hungry Office processor:

  • A text editor – Vi
  • A formatting tool – txt2tags
  • A spell checker – Aspell

Check it out! Minimalist tools for writers by Dmitri Popov.

For more detailed information, read the Writing Books with Txt2tags document.