Use txt2tags markup in PmWiki

Eric Forgeot never stops. Now he wrote a plugin/recipe for PmWiki, so you, dear txt2tags user, now can use our beloved markup in one more tool! From the plugin page:

This recipe adds txt2tags formatting to the pmWiki markup. Most txt2tags tags are translated to their pmWiki equivalent and then passed through the standard PmWiki engine.

One response to “Use txt2tags markup in PmWiki

  1. Now if only someone would do DokuWiki

    It keeps all the page data as pure content-only .txt files right in the filesystem (no database!) and it’s “namespaces” are just the folder hierarchy. No problem editing/scripting whatever right in the filesystem (just lose the version-control/history, can regenerate the DW meta-data and indexing). Also see the “project plugin”, can automate the target-output generations, store the resulting output files right back in the wiki.

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