Atom plugin for txt2tags

If you use Atom as your text editor, now you can see your beloved txt2tags files in all their colorful glory:

There is also lots of snippets to make your editing easier. Just press b<tab> for bold, link<tab> to insert a link or even table<tab> to insert a table skeleton.

After installing the plugin, go to its Settings screen to get a list of all the available snippets. As an alternative, press Option-Shift-S (or Alt-Shift-S in Windows) while editing a .t2t file to get the same listing.

To install the plugin (aka package, in Atom terms), use the default Atom installer under Settings > Install and search for txt2tags. You can get more information about the plugin at


3 responses to “Atom plugin for txt2tags

  1. Hi, how to use %!postproc: to ease whenever I have a new line on HTML, and would switch that to \n. Did try, like that:
    %!postproc: \n ””
    %!postproc: “\n” “”””
    %!postproc: ‘\n’ ”””
    But none seems to work, any help?

  2. you can do this:
    %!preproc(html): ‘$’ ”

    (and also for quicker answer, try our mailing list ;) )

  3. you can do this:
    %!preproc(html): ‘$’ ”

    (in the case the form doesn’t work, it’s a preproc with a $ followed by the ‘br’ markup for html

    (and also for quicker answer, try our mailing list ;) )

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