Atom plugin for txt2tags

If you use Atom as your text editor, now you can see your beloved txt2tags files in all their colorful glory:

There is also lots of snippets to make your editing easier. Just press b<tab> for bold, link<tab> to insert a link or even table<tab> to insert a table skeleton.

After installing the plugin, go to its Settings screen to get a list of all the available snippets. As an alternative, press Option-Shift-S (or Alt-Shift-S in Windows) while editing a .t2t file to get the same listing.

To install the plugin (aka package, in Atom terms), use the default Atom installer under Settings > Install and search for txt2tags. You can get more information about the plugin at

Use txt2tags markup in Jekyll

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator that uses Markdown as its default markup for posts and pages.

How about using txt2tags as an alternative markup in Jekyll? Now it’s possible with the Jekyll txt2tags plugin.

Go wild and use %%TOC, preproc, postproc and other txt2tags goodies on your Jekyll website!

Use txt2tags markup in TiddlyWiki

Ever wanted to use our beloved txt2tags markup inside your TiddlyWiki reusable non-linear personal web notebook?

Wait no more! David Young has made a nice txt2tags plugin for TiddlyWiki.

I wrote a plugin for TiddlyWiki that allows you to use most txt2tags syntax in a TiddlyWiki. It is implemented as a new wiki formatter – it exists along side TiddlyWiki’s formatter. Read more…

Thanks David!

New translation: Program interface in Malay

Muhammad Fariz translated the program interface (i18n) to Malay!

It’s out first contribution using Transifex.

Check it out:

txt2tags now using Transifex for translations (i18n)

Hi there,

Just a quick note to tell you that we’re now using the excellent Transifex to manage the program translation (potfile, PO files, i18n).

Transifex makes it easy to contribute improving a translation or adding a new one. You can do it all in their website, no need to download or install anything. Their online editor is integrated to Google Translate, making it even easier to translate the sentences.

This is a live image showing the current status of the program translation:

txt2tags translation

Your language is listed there? How about to bring it to 100%? It’s quick! Just a few sentences.

Not listed? How about to add your language to txt2tags? It’s a matter of minutes.

Either way, go to the txt2tags translation central:

New translation: User Guide in Ukrainian

Bunyk Taras (Тарас Буник) translated the User Guide to Ukrainian and published it as a wiki book:

New translation: Markup Demo in Russian

Kato Kontenta has translated the Markup Demo to Russian!

Check it out: