Guide: Static sites with txt2tags

Demian Neidetcher wrote on the txt2tags site to tell us about a nice guide he has made:

I love what you guys have done. I decided to re-do my site and came across this. I did a write-up on my site that explains the process I used with txt2tags.

Check out his Static Site Creation Guide, featuring detailed tips on how to use txt2tags, m4 and make to create and maintain a full website.


I have developed websites in Python (CGI and Django), PHP, Perl, .NET, Java (Struts, WebWork, Java Server Faces) and finally Ruby on Rails. However, I don’t always have the need to do a full-blown, database backed website that uses a complicated framework. Sometimes simple HTML will suffice.

Finally I can focus on content without having to resort to a WYSIWYG tool and still get nicely formatted pages.


Update: Check out David’s Spanish translation for this guide.


2 responses to “Guide: Static sites with txt2tags

  1. The “Static Site Creation Guide” is offline since 2008,
    but can still be seen at

    Missing in that guide is how to organize several webpages,
    eg. with a sidebar.

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