Use txt2tags markup in TiddlyWiki

Ever wanted to use our beloved txt2tags markup inside your TiddlyWiki reusable non-linear personal web notebook?

Wait no more! David Young has made a nice txt2tags plugin for TiddlyWiki.

I wrote a plugin for TiddlyWiki that allows you to use most txt2tags syntax in a TiddlyWiki. It is implemented as a new wiki formatter – it exists along side TiddlyWiki’s formatter. Read more…

Thanks David!


2 responses to “Use txt2tags markup in TiddlyWiki

  1. Hi,

    I really like txt2tags but I’m missing two characteristics to prefer it over reStructuredText (I know that they both have different targets). The first one is the possibility to use natively footnotes and bibliographical entries (more for a printed output instead of web) without using the workaround of TeX and the second one is the possibility to embbed/connect external syntaxes and tools, for example to use asciimath inside txt2tags or having syntax highlighting for code. Please let me know about your thoughts on both characteristics.

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