txt2tags in Geany editor

Eric Forgeot has exciting news for Geany users and txt2tags fans:

There is now support for txt2tags into Geany:

It’s only in the svn at the moment, but it will allow to use a nice tree to browse the headers into your txt2tags source code!

txt2tags file edited in Geany

txt2tags file edited in Geany

Thanks Eric!


4 responses to “txt2tags in Geany editor

  1. How we can patch this ?
    Or we have to get the svn version?

    Tanks for info.

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  3. wow, I always wonder about these kind of screenshots – do linux users like the guy who made this screenshot really not realize that the font is totally scrambled? Man, you are hurting your eyes! This is a serious issue – you should try to get a good font and not get thicker glasses every year.
    I see this kind of broken fonts on every fresh linux install – very poor.
    No wonder Linux has such problems with usability if developers not even realize the fonts they are looking at are broken.

    • “serious issue”, “scrambled”, “broken fonts”, “problems”, “hurting your eyes”… thank you very much for your enlightening and useful comment.

      And please post a screenshot of what you consider to be a good practice in screen-displayed typography.

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