QuasiWiki: Txt2tags extension for OpenOffice.org

Dmitri Popov, the kind txt2tags user that wrote an interesting article on Linux.com, strikes again! This time he created an extension so you can use the beloved txt2tags markup into OpenOffice.org!

I’ll quote Dmitri:

I thought you would like to know that I’ve released a txt2tags extension for OpenOffice.org. This is an initial release, and currently it only includes the basic formatting (more advanced version is in works). Using the extension you can use txt2tags with OpenOffice.org Writer documents. Further info is available at: http://quasiwiki.sourceforge.net

Quoting some key points, from the QuasiWiki site:

  • QuasiWiki implements some of the basic principles of wiki in OpenOffice.org Writer.
  • The txt2tags extension allows users to apply txt2tags markup to the currently opened document.

Got interested? I have!

3 responses to “QuasiWiki: Txt2tags extension for OpenOffice.org

  1. Christian Sweningsen

    Where is the quasiwiki site? I see only a poker site; and Googling the site returned nothing.


  2. Hej Christian (& site author)
    I ran into the same problem as you, i.e. not finding any useful information on the URL listed in the posting above. I did however manage to find a SourceForge page that looks as though it might just be what were after. Check it out.


  3. Thanks Jim, I’ve updated the URLs on the post.

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