txt2tags + LaTeX + poetry = TeXtallion!

Eric Forgeot, our tireless contributor, now comes with a nice solution for those inspired LaTeX lovers who prefer the simple txt2tags markup: TeXtallion.

TeXtallion in action

I’ll let Eric explain his creation:

The project was made because of our consideration for the good and appealing quality of the LaTeX output, and also because of our love for the simplicity of txt2tags.

But there is also much frustration with LaTeX, it’s perfect for writing scientific and complex books, but there is not way to quickly start writing prosa with it, without enduring the intrusive and complex syntax.

The goal of TeXtallion is to use txt2tags as a preprocesseur, and keep its non-distracting formating marks, while being able to export easily into LaTeX and html. Txt2tags can already export to LaTeX, but there is little control on the output.

The TeXtallion is not a piece of software, it’s just some templates, rules and makefile for txt2tags.

So with it you can publish on paper (pdf example), web page (html example), or ebook (epub example), from an unique source (source for all the previous documents).

By default, TeXtallion will have all that is needed for writing a simple and nice looking book or roman:

Bold, italic, underligned, striked letters, colored text, page numbering, top header with title and separating line, bullet lists and numbered lists, image includes, support for footnotes, table of content.


New translation: Ukrainian

Hello Ukrainian readers!

Your friend Bunyk Taras (Тарас Буник) has translated the Sample file and the program interface (potfile) for you.

The work is already online on the documentation page.

txt2tags on Facebook

Eric Forgeot strikes again! He just created a special place for you txt2tags users in Facebook. I’ll quote Eric’s announce:


I’ve made a fan page for txt2tags on facebook.

It’s just to show our interest in the syntax and software, so we could maybe bring more newcomers.

This page is not like a group (a place to exchange pictures and a miniforum), I don’t expect people to post questions or discuss about txt2tags there, it’s just to state we like txt2tags.

I plan to post a few articles thought to show how cool txt2tags is…

Hey, why you’re still here?

Hurry up, login to your Facebook and search for the txt2tags fan page!


txt2tags in Geany editor

Eric Forgeot has exciting news for Geany users and txt2tags fans:

There is now support for txt2tags into Geany:

It’s only in the svn at the moment, but it will allow to use a nice tree to browse the headers into your txt2tags source code!

txt2tags file edited in Geany

txt2tags file edited in Geany

Thanks Eric!

New translation: More Basque (Euskara)

Hello Euskara readers!

Your friend Ales Zabala Alava has made it again!

After his previous translation work, now he has translated the Manual Page and the program interface (potfile) for you.

The work is already online on the documentation page.

New syntax files for JOE, le and ne editors

Stefano D’Archino did it again. First he made the Gedit syntax file, so you can get nice colors in your txt2tags source files. Now he made new syntax files for the following text editors: JOE, “le” and “ne”!

If you’re using one of these editors, install the Stefano files and enjoy your new colorful life :)

You can get those files at the tools page, in txt2tags website.

New Translation: User Guide in Chinese

Chinese people, your wishes came true: the big Txt2tags User Guide is now available in your language!

Chris Leng (冷悦) worked hard to beat the monster, and the result is a beautiful 61-pages PDF with the full User Guide translated to Chinese (including the screenshots!).


Great work Chris, thanks!