New translation: More Basque (Euskara)

Hello Euskara readers!

Your friend Ales Zabala Alava has made it again!

After his previous translation work, now he has translated the Manual Page and the program interface (potfile) for you.

The work is already online on the documentation page.

3 responses to “New translation: More Basque (Euskara)

  1. Hey there,

    Sorry to barge in on this post, but I can’t seem to email the txt2tags author, so I thought I’d pop in on your Documentation category.

    The txt2tags Documentation page has a link to my txt2tags cheat
    sheet with examples. The page has moved to a new address. The current link is to my Google page. I put up an address change notice on that page, but you might want to update your link. The page is now at:

    Thank you for all the visitors that have come to my page over the
    years wanting to learn about txt2tags! It’s a wonderful program, and
    it’s my pleasure to help spread the word of its existence to as many
    people as possible. (:

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