Wixi – A desktop wiki powered by txt2tags

You know what is a wiki, right? It’s a collaborative website where visitors can read and change its contents. Think Wikipedia.

What you may don’t know is that the wiki concept can be brought to your own computer, running as a nice standalone application. Then you can easily edit multiple documents using all the wiki’s benefits: save, compare (diff), restore, organize and link them.

That’s just what Kees Remmelzwaal has made. Wixi is a desktop wiki application that runs on Linux, Windows and Macs.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Guess which is the markup used by this software, when editing documents?
  • Guess which program is used to convert this markup to HTML, LaTeX and many other formats?

Txt2tags. Txt2tags.

If you are getting crazy trying to organize all those t2t files hanging around your disk, you should definitely give Wixi a try.


2 responses to “Wixi – A desktop wiki powered by txt2tags

  1. Hi,

    I was going to mention Wixi to this list when I discovered it recently, but I guess that you beat me to it! Wixi has piqued my interest in SQLite as this is the database being used to hold the wiki data.

    It’s an interesting concept and I *reallly* like the txt2tags markup. Will let you know how I progress with it.

    — Liam

  2. I agree. I love wikis. Anything that is writen an that can be edited on a websiteis a wiki. Like wikipeia, wikianswers, wikiconcepts project Ect… The newest addition is http://www.wikiconcept.co.uk. A human edited website and content directory.These sites all can be edited easily by using a mark up language and deemed as wikis.

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