New Mac OS X installer for txt2tags

Txt2tags was included into Rudix, a collection of ready-to-use Unix/Linux software for the Mac. Each software is packaged with the default Mac installer, so you just have to press the “Continue” button a few times and it’s done. No need to install a subsystem like Fink or DarwinPorts.

Remember HTMLDOC from the last post? It’s also on Rudix!

2 responses to “New Mac OS X installer for txt2tags

  1. Hi,

    I work with the Trac Project and I note that the tags used in it are very similar to the tags used on the txt2tags. Have two softwares any relation or it’s just a coincidence? Who cames first, the egg or the chicken? the Trac Project or the txt2tags?

    And congratulations for the txt2tags! It’s is a really useful software! :)

  2. Hello Arthur,

    As far as I can see, Trac is a Wiki-based project. Txt2tags markup is very similar to Wiki’s: minimal marks using symbols. The big difference is that Wiki is web based and usually generates only HTML. Txt2tags is multi target and CLI/Web/GUI.

    Since Trac’s first release is from 2004 and txt2tags’ is from 2001, I guess we’re the egg. Or maybe the chicken? Well, let’s call the scientists :)

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