Blog? Blog.

Hi there.

This is the new place to stay in touch with the latest news about the txt2tags project. Releases, files, documents, translations, site updates.

The good old do-it-yourself news/RSS by hand worked until today, but using a Blog system like WordPress, we get some advantages:

  • Feeds (RSS) with HTML code. The old “by hand” was text-only.
  • Automatic feeds for: whole blog, each category, each post, all comments, comments by post.
  • Permanent (readable) URL for each post, important to keep things organized and easy to find.
  • Multiple categories (tags) to mark each post, so you can monitor just want interests you.
  • And more.

Talking about feeds, subscribe to the txt2tags blog now!

But my favorite feature is having comments for each post. Now everybody can talk and contribute, changing the monologue to a nice conversation.

It’s up and running. Enjoy!

Note: Here are the older news, just in case.

One response to “Blog? Blog.

  1. Aurelio, veja o link:
    Parece que os gringos descobriram o txt2tags!

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